When Ellen became my coach, I was in a crisis of confidence, always beating myself up and taking the safe way out by hiding behind an interior shyness, always careful not to “toot my own horn.” Ellen’s coaching helped me to develop a plan for creating my ideal world, a world where I can be kinder to myself and learn the meaning of loving myself. As a result of our coaching, I’ve been able to move forward and let go of the old habit of judging others. My life has taken on a new light and I am most grateful to Ellen. She is a great coach!
—Carol Montag, Chicago


Ellen brought her unique talents as a coach and a writer to our coaching partnership at a time in my life when I needed a "muse." I was struggling with my own writing goals, and wanted a coach and mentor who could help me overcome my writer's block. I also wanted a coach who would hold me accountable for creating more time in my schedule for my journaling. Ellen's gentle and professional coaching style was extremely effective in helping me to first understand how normal writer's block is. She encouraged me to forgive myself for not finding my writing to be as easy and effortless as I wanted it to be. Ellen has been an amazing coach and mentor, and I am truly blessed that she came into my life at exactly the perfect time!
—Barbara, Michigan


My work with Ellen occurred during a time in my life that felt completely overwhelming and challenging, due to my personal and professional (over) commitments and the fact that I was changing careers. As a single parent, I was managing two businesses and two kids, and attending a graduate-level certification program, which lead me to a level of responsibility that I felt I was ill equipped to handle. This set of circumstances required Ellen to help me develop many skills and habits that would become long-term changes, and not just the crisis management approach I had so often resorted to. Managing my time was one part of the process. We created a timeline over 3 months, and then broke each sub-segment down into an hour-by-hour plan. This enabled me to do what was required of me, but it also included self-care time, which was an essential part of the plan. Ellen was a supportive sounding board, but also a realist and a practical thinker in her approach to helping me learn time management skills and holding me to my goals.
—Linda S.


I am indeed fortunate to have Ellen in my life, during this time in my life when I’m transitioning into a new career. She is a wise, compassionate, and caring coach who combines empathy, gentle prodding and humor to help me use both my heart and my head. Sometimes I feel like I’m just rambling, but Ellen’s quiet presence and careful listening helps me put things out there so I can look at them. Her questions help direct me to the actions I need to take – and often they are not the obvious ones I might have come up with on my own, such as taking a little time to have some fun. Working with her is a joyful and enriching experience, and I am having real breakthroughs in the way I see things and where I put my attention.
—Kat T.


Ellen Brown Coaching Testimonials