Coaching Services to Help You Through Life Changes

As a certified, professional coach, Ellen Brown offers a variety of services, including:

As a coach, Ellen challenges clients to reach for fulfillment in all aspects of their lives, including their careers, their relationships, and their emotional and physical health. Her holistic approach to coaching is designed to help clients stay healthy and balanced. This is important because when people are dealing with challenging life transitions and have difficulty managing stress, it’s not uncommon for their health to become compromised.

Ellen is happy to help clients whether they are dealing with:

  • Job loss
  • Career transitions
  • The death of a loved one
  • A serious illness
  • Learning to care for an older adult
  • Divorce
  • Midlife challenges
  • Adjusting to retirement
  • The struggle to lead a healthy, balanced life
  • Transcending a traumatic event such as rape, domestic violence, or child sexual abuse (in the advanced stages of healing)

To learn more about her services, sign up for coaching, or schedule a session at a special introductory rate, call Ellen at 216.371.1299 or email  .





Ellen Brown Coaching Services

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